Saturday, September 03, 2005

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Club Girl Showing Off Her Tiny Thong

Drunk Club Girl SHowing Off Her Hot Ass & Tiny ThongNow, is that an inviting sight or what? I'm tempted to reach out and pull down that tight white skirt the rest of the way and burying my face into that luscious ass, nose deep.

I kind of digging the new fad of showing just a little bit of a woman's thong panties, just barely over the top of their waist-line. I used to hate it. I thought it looked sloppy, but I started to like it when I noticed the latin gangbanger girls doing it. Their big, extra wide jeans just barely hanging on their hips. Now all the hot club girls are doing it and now it's even sexier, especially when it's on a nice heart-shaped hiney like this girl's here. From the looks of it, the rest of her don't look too shabby, either.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Nipple Slip On Disco Dancing Blonde

Disco Dancing Club Girl Exposes A Nipple In PublicI'm not sure what kind of crazy disco dancing moves she's trying to pull off, but she looks kind of like an idiot in this pose.

Regardless of her dance moves, she's got some big boobies and one of them is trying to sneak out the side of her top. She must be flailing those arms around hard, because her boob just jiggled itself to the side exposing her nipple.

She looks pretty good all the way around, minus her moves. She might be a little too tall for my tastes, but I defin itely wouldn't be kicking her out of bed.

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Party Girl Slips A Nipple In Public

Party Girl Accidentally Slips A Nipple In PublicIt looks like these party girls are cooling off on the curb, after getting out of that hot and sweaty dance club. College coeds out on a summer night in their short skirts and revealing clothing.

What appears to be the innocent or more conservative one out of the three girls is wearing some sort of outfit that's maybe a little too revealing...for her anyway. That's ok, though. She's got a few cocktails in her and she obviously doesn't notice, and we get a nice little treat.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Celebrity Nipple Slip - Jodie Marsh

UK Tabloid Celebrity Jodie Marsh Exposes Her Nipples Personally, I'm not familiar with Jodie Marsh. She's a UK tabloid darling originally appearing in some show called, "Essex Wives" and also a glamour model. That's about the extent of what I know about Jodie Marsh. I also read something about her in some feud with some other tabloid celebrity from the UK, Jordan.

I posted her picture(s) because she is damn fine! Oh, and also because she's got some major nipples showing thru her bra. Not technically a nipple slip, but still exposing her nipples. I highly doubt this is accidental, but still very nice all the same. I also like her tattoo right at her pantyline.

She has a bit of schnoz on her, but nothing a little nose job can't fix. Other than that this chick is just smokin'!

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Punky Club Girl Flashes A Nipple

Punky Club Girl Flashes Her Pierced NippleThis punky club girl is a little over the top outfit wise for me, but we still get a nice shot of her pierced nipple she's flashing for the camera.

I've always thought that a girl with pierced nipples is really hot. I don't like any other weird piercings, but when they do their nipples it just looks like they are dressing up their pretty titties. Of course, when you have a girl that has her clit pierced, you know you have a woman who loves sex.

I remember reading an article about how Janet Jackson got her clit pierced. She was saying that when she was dancing on stage for her shows, the piercing would cause her orgasms for certain moves. I bet her fans never knew she was cumming up on stage.

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A Bit Nippy Behind the Velvet Rope

Major Nipple Slip On Chilly Party GirlShe looks chilly doesn't she? It's a bitch sometimes when you have to wait in line at a crowded night club or bar. Usually women don't have to wait long to get in because they are the main attraction for horny dudes. Unfortunately for this girl, it looks like she's been out there a while. You don't want to wear a jacket into the club unless it's absolutely necessary, because, let's face first. Lucky for me, I didn't have to wait in lines much because I threw lots of after-hours parties. It pays to know people in that scene.

That nipple that's crawling out the top of her dress is pretty much a thermometer. You can tell how cold it is by her erect nipples. Maybe I can suckle them for a while & keep them nice and toasty.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Club Girl's Open Blouse Reveals Nipples

Drunk Club Girl's Open Blouse Reveals NipplesThis little Asian club cutie has her blouse slightly open, and from this angle we're getting a nice crisp & clear shot of her hard, erect nipple, standing at attention. I'm thinking that maybe the guy in green is noticing her nipples too.

It seems that girls with smaller breasts usually have great nipples. Nature's way of evening out everything, I guess. In my opinion, I think nice, long & hard nipples beat out a great set of tits any day.

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Upskirt On Party Girl With No Panties

Upskirt On Drunk Party Girl Without An Panties OnApparently, another drunk party girl forgot she wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt. Of course, it may be intentional. I mean, is you're going to wear a skirt without any panties on underneath, one would think that she wouldn't be up on a box dancing when there's a clear view of your pussy for everyone, to see by just walking by and looking up.

Like I've said before, it's probably for easy access from some random drunk dude. He just has to take her into a corner in the back of the club, lift her skirt a bit and start pounding away in that snatch. I nice quickie in a public place. I wonder what her reaction would be after she discovered jizz running down her leg in the middle of the night club?

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Backyard Party Girls Turn Wild

Drunk Party Girls In bra & Panties Lets Nipple SlipsIt Looks like these party girls were having a good time in the backyard, running around in their bra and panties. I'm just guessing, but it looks like maybe it's a late night dip in a hot tub after a hard night of drinking. It looks like the geek in the hat just happened by.

I guess the weight of our middle girl's waterlogged bra was too much to keep her big boobs completely covered. Her left nipple & almost her whole left tit has slipped out of her bra. C'mon, ladies...take it all off!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sloppy Drunk Girl's Boob Slips Out

Sloppy Drunk Teen Boob Slips Out With FriendsThis image is not the highest in quality, but it cracks me up because you can tell how shitfaced this little blonde boozer really is.

I'm not sure what she's doing by crawling around on the table, a little, but sloppy strip tease, perhaps. Whatever the hell she's doing, she's too drunk too notice that her strap has slipped off her shoulder, exposing her cute little boobie. Hopefully the guys in the background didn't take too much advantage of her.

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Celebrity Nipple Slip - Alicia Silverstone

Holywood Celebrity Alicia Silverstone Nipples Exposed In See-Thru Dress You're goning to have to use your imagination on this one, as well as look very closely, at Alicia Silverstone's nipples exposed thru her dress. Judging by this picture of her, Alicia looks like she's got some nice hard and erect nipples on what I bet are a nice, cute pair of boobs. I'm pretty sure she's never exposed her breats in any movies I can think of.

What ever happened to Alicia Silverstone anyway? She was great in 'Clueless' and then her career took a nose dive south after that. She did some really bad movie with Benicio del Toro and Chistopher Walken after 'Clueless'. I believe she produced it too, but it sucked pretty bad. Has she actually been in anything most recently? Not that IU can think of off the top of my head. Ah well, another Hollywood hopeful bites the dust.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Wild Drunk Coeds On Spring Break

Wild Drunk Coed Exposes her perky Tits In Public I don't know what it is about spring break that makes young and naive college girls want to get naked in public, but you won't hear me telling them to cover themselves. In fact, if I were at this spring break bash, that would be my hands spreading that drunk coed's bikini top wide open.

You also got to love the fact that most girls that go to any spring break vacation spot are there to get drunk and to get fucked all night long, by some random stud she will never see again.

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Club Girls Show Their Bare Ass In Public

Drunk Club Girls Flashing Their Bare Ass In PublicNow I don't know about you, but carefully scanning over these drunk club girls lilly white rumps, I'm not seeing even a hint of some sort of underwear. No thong, no panties, no loin cloth...nothing. Too bad we couldn't have gotten a nice upskirt shot of these two.

I think that's kinda hot. Just knowing that there are normal, everyday hotties going clubbing without any panties underneath their dress is just so tempting. I know some girls wear thongs under their dress/pants so their panty line doesn't show, but what's the reason for no underwear at all? Is it the end of the laundery cycle? Is it the cool breeze blowing up their skirt? Or perhaps it's just so some random dude has quick & easy access to the goods. Whatever the reason, I'm going to keep on believing it's for purely sexual purposes.

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Drunk Party Girl's Areola Peeking Out

Drunk Asian Party Girl Let's a Nipple Slip In PublicOur little Asian cutie in black is looking good especially with her brown areola slipping (or partial nipple slip) out the top of her dress.

She looks like she might have some little titties. Too bad we don't have a full shot of her nipples, or better yet, a full shot of her boobs! If that guy just pulled down on her dress just a wee bit harder, we might have more. I wouldn't mind seeing her friend in blue bust out her big busoms either. She's also pretty damn cute!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Passed Out Drunk Girl Down Blouse

Passed Out Drunk Girl Exposes Her Nipple / Boob Down BlouseIsn't so tempting when you see some sloppy drunk, passed out hottie just laying there? Of course, it's wrong to take advantage of an unconscience women, but there's nothing wrong with letting your imagination run wild. I know I am by just looking at this picture.

It kind of reminds of this video gallery I did a while ago. A couple of college frat guys wake up this passed out drunk coed by feeling her up while she's unconscience. As soon as she wakes up, she's hornier than ever and ends up getting nailed good. It's pretty wild, actually...if you are into that sorta thing.

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Drunk College Girls' Chicken Fight

Drunk College Girl's Boob Slips Out At A Wild Frat PartyI'm very curious as to what is actually going on here. It looks like a good ol' fashioned chicken fight, where one climbs onto another's shoulders and wrestle an opposing team/couple until one falls off. Of course, this chicken fight went the way many of us have probably always hoped. Two drunk hotties sitting on some dudes' shoulders, a fight leads to clothing starting to come off and two girls making out.

I love the guy's face in the bottom left corner of the picture. He's all, "This makes it all worth it". He looks like he's the only one who got an eyeful, besides the cameraman, of course...and whoever else is at the party. Ok, everyone saw this drunk coed's boobs.

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