Saturday, July 09, 2005

Horny Club Girls Exposed In The VIP

Drunk Girls Exposed In Night Club VIP roomsEverytime I go out to the clubs I almost always hang out in the VIP section. That's where all the hottest girls are at in case you've never been in the VIP. The cream of the crop. The girls that are dressed the sluttiest, who have the nicest rack, who have a tight round ass. Yeah, they are all in the VIP room when your out with all rejects settling for a girl you otherwise wouldn't give the time of day.

Sex In The Vip exposes what all these so-called "classy" babes are really up to. These are some drunk & horny babes, getting naked & getting it on in public at the dance club. Well, the VIP public...not in front of all the "regular" people. Now you can see it all without having to payoff the bouncer to let you in the next time your out at the clubs.

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Club Hottie Nipple Slip

Drunk Club Hottie Nipple Slip What more can you say about this nip slip? A gorgeous blonde hottie, drunk & not paying attention sexy little nipple pops out.

See, us guys don't know that we have to be careful with the way we grab or hold girls when they are wearing a dress like this. But what a treat when we get when their boob or nipple does expose itself! Especially when there's a camera around for us to reminisce this lovely occasion. Actually, let's all take a moment of silence & reminisce this blonde's cute tittie exposing itself.

Ahhh...much better now. The world is a much happier place after that moment of silence for blondie.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Celeb Nip Slip - Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart Nipple / Boob SlipOh yeah, it's true! One of the most beautiful women on this planet accidently lets her dress fall open, exposing her exquisite perky breast. She may or may not have been drunk. I don't know. I'm not complaining either way.

I've been a fan of Rebecca Gayheart since her early days as the Noxema girl, thru her appearances as Dillan's girlfreind on Beverly Hills, 90210. I believe she was in "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" too. I can't recall anything recent she's done, but I think she'll go down in history as having one of the most beautiful faces. IMO, anyway....Enjoy.

Mr. Skin has TONS of the latest in Celebrity Nudity.

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Drunk Co-Eds At A Wild Party

Drunk Stupid Coeds Get Naked At A Wild PartyI love drunk coeds! They're the best! It's their first time away from home, with no parental supervision. Their female hormones are raging. The can drink under age. They can be wild without anyone back home knowing about it.

Stupid Coeds has one of the best collection of some of the wildest college parties I've ever seen! And believe me, I've been to some wild ones in my time. They feature some of the most gorgeous, yet slutty college girls, getting drunk, naked & some even have sex right on camaera! All the movies are downloadable & tons of pics to save too.

Check out what college girls really do while away at college.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Drunk Babe Nipple Flash

Drunk Bar Girl Flashes Her NippleCute little drunk slut flashes her nipple to someone. She reminds of this wild little slut I use nail here & there. She had these great, ample, perky tiny titties...and topped them off w/ these great nipples. I just remember them as they bounced over my face when she rode me like a bucking cowgirl. I made her wear a cowboy hat & boots once too. Damn, she was fine!

Now I'm imagining this little firecracker riding me like a naughty cowgirl. Can you picture her wearing nothing but a cowboy hat & boots with a dirty smile? Who ever gets a night with this one I'd say is a lucky man.

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Celeb Nip Slip - Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Nipple Slip GalleryAlyssa Milano has always been a favorite hottie of mine since I was a kid, growing up watching, "Who's The Boss". I remember that I couldn't believe my eyes the first time she bared her breasts, though covered with a thin layer of mud, in Bikini Magazine in the early 90s. Then when she started apearing in them sleazy, Cinemax-type, B movies...oh man, forget about it. And was she at her prime hotness in Melrose Place, or what!?

Well, Alyssa is still exposing herself to this day...wheather she likes it or not! This appers to be some sort of autograph signing for our troops. So, maybe Alyssa left her blouse open to give our boys in the middle east a little somethin' to jerk-off to at night in their bunkers. Either way, we all get a nice peep show of Alyssa Milano's nipple slip.

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Wild Club Girls Exposed

Wild Club Girls Expose Their BodiesThat's right, my absolute favorite of all drunk sluts...wild clubber girls. It has never failed me yet, club girls like to show off as much of their hot little bodies as possible. After all, going out to the clubs is the next best thing to fashion show anyway. You can't be seen in anything else but the best & latest in trendy fashion.

These babes take it a step further. Fashion isn't enough attention for these drunk hotties. They like to show off the goods!, Their new boob job, their cute little titties & erect nipples. All Drunk & Naked On Camera.

I wonder which of these girls got to go home with some randomly lucky guy that got to nail the hell out of her!?

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Celeb Nip Slip - Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Nipple / Areola SlipI love Jessica! I know a lot of people say she's a airhead, dingbat, typical blonde, etc., etc. But I like her. Not just because she's the typical stereotype, all-American, blonde bimbo beauty, but also becasue she doesn't seem so pretentious. But what the hell do I know? She can be a total bitch for all I know & I'll still admire her from afar & hope that when she becomes single she'll call me up for a date. Wishful thinking...

I've also been a longtime admirer of Jessica Simpson's awesome rack! And just the fact that she never bares it, makes it all the more desirable to see. Unfortunately, we're still not gonna see it. We do get a little tease though. A clear, sneak-peek of Jessica's brown areola.

I'll take what I can get!

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Nipple Busting Bustier

Nipple Busting Bustier You have to look a little closely on this one to notice the public nipple slip. The tall girl's phone emphasizes her brown areola & nips peeking out the top of her bustier. I would like to see those guns fully exposed! Those titties look nice, big & jiggly.

I guess the guy thinks he's some kinda pimp or Hef type. What's up with the bathrobe & matching shower cap in what looks like the middle of a casino? I wonder if he has matching flip-flops too?

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Drunk Midwestern Co-eds Flashing

Drunk Nebraska Coeds FlashingAhhh, drunk Midwestern sexually repressed. Just add alcohol & all that Midwest conservatism goes out the window! Cute, naive & corn fed. Like the Beach Boys said, "Midwest farmer's daughters really keep you warm at night..." I think I got that right...

Here we got real, legitimate Nebraska Co-eds. And you don't get much more into the flatlands as you do in Nebraska. Who would've thunk these conservative hotties know how to party? But, from the looks of it, these are definitely some girls I'd like to party with! And that's not the only thing I'd like to do with them either. If you catch my drift...

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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Drunk Club Girl Nipple Slip

I've always had a major weakness for club girls. They dress so sexy & provacative, are usually absolutely gorgeous, they like to get fucked up & in my experiences, they are also kinda slutty. A good slutty though!

This little tighty is groovin' & boppin' her head so much that she didn't notice her rock-hard, round, fake tits about to bust a move right out of her shirt! She looks like she's havin' a grand ol' time too!

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Rock Club Boobie Ooops

More Than A Nipple SlipMore than a nipple slip on this one! It seems this drunk hottie didn't notice the sudden cool breeze blowing against her her left boob. And talk about "timing"! This didn't happen while she was lost in the crowd, but when she was on-stage in front of an audience.

I love those dresses that are open all the way down the front. So sexy! And then when a really nice breast from a gorgeous blonde pops it's head's like getting a sneak peek of of a beatifully wrapped present.

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Fake Boob Bimbo's Nipple Slip

Big Fake Boob Pops Out Of TopThis drunk blonde barfly is bustin' a move on the dance floor, showing off & wiggling her body for all the drooling boys.

You would think with big ol' fake tits like she has, you wouldn't have much of a problem holding your top up. But it looks like these bosoms are too ample for her outfit because her full boob wants to spring out of that top in the worst way! Just raise that left arm & we should get a really nice view. :-D

I bet the geek trying to dance with her is kicking himself for spending so much time trying to grind his crotch into her ass. He probably would have seen more action that night if he was dancing in front of her.

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