Monday, September 19, 2005

Drunk Party Girl's Dress Slips In Public

Drunk Party Girl Dancing Accidentally Exposing Her BoobsTalk about being in the right place at the right time, for the photographer of this nipple slip snap. It looks like you really would have to be at the right angle to catch it. And whatever she's wearing, isn't holding up very well...for her anyway. It's great for us!

She's just having a good ol' time though, without a care in the world and completely oblivious to the fact that her shapely boob and hard, erect nipple is on display to the rest of the party.

See, these are the types of parties I should be going to. The kind where there's beautiful drunk girls, dancing around, letting their boobs slip out. Now I just got to find out where they have those kind of parties.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Party Girls Night Club Nipple Knocking

I definitely like to see slutty looking party girls pull up their tops, but when they start to grind their tits into their friend's and in that's really nice! It's something usually seen in backrooms or VIP Rooms.

It seems these girls already have most of the attention in that room, and they haven't even taken off any clothes yet, really. Then again, they would also have my undivided attention as well.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Drunk Club Girl Upskirt Flasher

Wild & Drunk Club Girl Upskirt FlashingI don't mind a quick look up the skirt of a hottie dancing on the boxes at the clubs. But when she's intentionally shaking her ass over your head, now that's something nice. Maybe she's a shy exhibitionist, only showing *you* in public, but not necessarily anyone else.

Now she should turn around & lift her skirt a bit, so we can watch her shake and jiggle that ass while she dances. Better yet, let's get her completely naked and watch her dance around.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Girl's Night Out Nipple Slip

Cute Girl's Night Out Nipple SlipOoh, baby! That nipple is just begging to be sucked! I bet she has cute little titties too. Actually, she looks pretty damn cute all around.

It looks like while they're checking out their cell phone camera, someone else's camera phone snapped the picture of her nipple slipping out of her top.

I'm not sure if I like this new society of cameras. I mean, for something like a nice nipple slip or upskirt shot, yeah. But not as I'm walking down the street minding my own business. Ah well, a little too late to bitch about it now. I think I can give up a little privacy for some nip slips in return.

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Celebrity Nipple Slip - Hilary Swank

2X Oscar Winner Hilary Swank's Boobs In See-Thru DressSwanky, she is and I've never really thought of Hilary Swank as any kind of sex symbol, but day-yum...she's got some nice titties! Don't forget, she played a very convincing dyke in boy's clothing, in 'Boys Don't Cry'. Who would've thunk she was hiding those nice guns so well!? I haven't see her latest, 'Million Dollar Baby' yet, but I'm assuming she's a tomboy in that flick too.

Did you know Hilary Swank was in the original 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer'? She played one of Buffy's stuck-up friends. I believe she was also 'The Next Karate Kid'. Now she's a two time Oscar winner. That's quite a leap. I guess persistence really does pay-off.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Party Girl's Boob Slip In The City

Pretty Party Girl's Boob Slip On The Public StreetsNow, this is the kind of slips I like to see! A major slip in public, with great tits and it hasn't been noticed by her yet. It don't get much better than that. Well, as far as nipple slips go, at least. I can think of a lot of things that are far better, but that's not the point.

I'm still very amazed by the fact that these boob and nipple slips go un-noticed by the slipee. I mean, I'm thinking I would be able to tell if I was walking around with my wang hanging out. At least I hope I can tell. Who knows? Maybe I do it all the time and just have never noticed before.

Never the less, ladies...keep them slips coming! We love ya for it!

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Drunk Girl Bent Over Exposing Her Ass

Drunk Girl Flashing Her Ass In PublicI know how that guy feels. The one rubbing the drunk girl's ass. Like, "Check out this chick's ass I'm gonna be pounding tonight." Kind of like a 'sneak preview', if you will.

The guy on the other end is probably getting a nice downblouse shot, and maybe even some nipple action as well. Maybe both of those guys will be at both ends of her, later that night. Hell, throw the other girl in the mix too! There's nothing I like better than drunken revelry. Especially if I know that it will include a nice, hot ass such as hers.

In my opinion, any girl that is bending over and lifting her skirt for the public, is need of hard cock...and quickly.

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Oops! Drunken Wet T-Shirt Nipple Slip

Drunk Spring Break Girl Nipple Slips @ Wet T-shirt ContaestYeah, I know. The next picture on this roll of film was probably this same drunk girl ripping the rest of that flimsy t-shirt off. The simple fact is, in this picture she still has her shirt on, and a damn nice, erect nipple poking thru the slits of her shirt. Looks to be a pretty nice set of knockers too! I wouldn't mind shaking my head between those nice & natural tits.

Wet T-shirt contests are always a good time. A great place to real (non-strippers) women having a good time getting drunk & naked. And, of course, all of us guys are there to cheer it on. Especially when it's young college girls getting wild while on their first vacation without mom & dad. You pretty much know when a girl's visiting one of the spring break destinations, she's there to get drunk and to get laid.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

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